Monday, October 10, 2011

9wks+ a growing like weeds!

Quick update since it's been forever again. The boys are just over 9wks old and both OVER 5lbs!! They are only on O2 nasal canula's..NO MORE VENTS!! Liam is taking bottles but still has his feeding tube. Ryan got his 1st bottle today! I'm still pumping for them but not doing so great so they get formula as well. Just trying to hold out for them as long as they are in the hospital. Mommy & Daddy got to hold BOTH babies together  for the 1st time recently. How exciting is that :) And got their 1st family picture too! Lots of exciting updates I've slacked on, sorry about that.. There is talk that it's possible at least Liam go home around Halloween. Look how far they have come from those teeny tiny 25 weekers! Here are a few recent pics:

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  1. They are growing great! Love the pics! And I'm glad they are doing so well.