Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 bad news posts in a row :(

   We've been cancelled for now : ( I have a large cyst on my left ovary. On the plus side at least we know now that's the cause of my levels being high and lining being thick (today it measured between 10-13) but it has to go down or away before we can move forward. I am to stop Lupron and start back on BCP's tonight. Ideally the BCP's will keep me levels down and shrink the cyst. I go back on December 14th for another sono/E2 check to see if the cyst has at least gone down but hopefully gone away!
  There are a few +'s to waiting til January. IM can finish up school without stress and we can get through the holidays appt free and start the new year cycling again. I admit I'm really bummed about all this but it's just a little kink in our plans. Just have to keep ++++!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well hmmpphh!

 Today's appt didn't go quite as well as we wanted. My lining was up to almost 7mm and still showed uterine fluid (since I'm just getting off my cycle). We wanted to see <5. My E2 levels are elevated as well (159) which just means I need more Lupron and can't start Estrace yet. She said it's not really a big deal and this shouldn't delay anything since IM hasn't started her meds yet.
 So until then I will do lots of jumping jacks and think thin lining thoughts! For now meds stay the same and back on Tuesday for a repeat sono.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Woah those are big!!

 IM got her cycle calendar today..man she has a LOT more appts then me! I tried to tell her though the more you have to do the faster this is going to go for us, well hopefully : ) This time next month we should  be getting a whole bunch of eggs! One or two of which I hope to make a great little nest for over the next 9 months!
 I also got my Progesterone in the mail today. Just looking at those needles make my glutes cringe!! But hey they're only 23gauge (1.5") needles...OUCH!
       Here's a pic of a 5 day blastocyst. Amazing what we start out as isn't it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've gone AWOL..and it's a good thing!

 Abbreviation catch up: AWOL = A woman on Lupron.

Today is day 5 of Lupron. Injections have been easy although I am a tad bit moody. I guess a good hint of that was when I got back in bed at 1 this morning and God forbid Hubby's hand was on my pillow and I thought about biting it off..LOL Thankfully he was passed out and doesn't know about any of it anyway! Tonight is also my last BCP!! The nurse sent my calendar that Carrie & I have been anxiously awaiting and apparently it was worth the wait.
 Looks like transfer will be a week EARLIER then we'd expected!! Not only that but retrieval & transfer should fall right around Carrie & my hubby's birthdays : )
  This move's my appt to start Estrace up to next week!!