Sunday, August 21, 2011

2wks & a day :)

Update from Mommy:

Both boys are up to 18 ml feeds every 3 hours.
Great day for Mr. Liam... He especially enjoyed pooping and peeing all over mom during a diaper change :) Up to 2lb 1.8oz.
Ryan is still trying to fight off this infection. 3 more days of antibiotics and then possibly re-intubating him with a new tube in hopes that the infection is colonized around the tube and not in his lungs. He's only receiving clear fluids and his antibiotics through his picc line now. Up to 2lb 5oz!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

12 days old/2wk post op appt

 Today was my 2wk post op appt. Was there almost 2hrs to see the Dr literally 30 seconds. He just checked the incision and said to come back in 4wks. Will do a repeat glucose 2wks after that just to make sure the GD is gone. I am also back to pre-preggo weight, yay! Now I can start focusing on the baby-baking retirement makeover : )

 I took my oldest daughter with me so that she could see the boys for the 1st time. Since Ryan is in isolation even I can't see him :\ So we visited with Liam & Carrie for a while. The boys both had repeat head sonos and again both were CLEAR, no brain bleeds! Liam has NO IV's or anything! Just the CPAP & feeding tube. Is that not amazing!! Both are above 2lbs and Carrie said that Ryan has already moved up in diaper size! Liam is up to 16mL breastmilk every 3hrs. I'm not sure what Ryan is up to but I swear it's going up by the day! Will definitely take some work for me to build up supply for them but hopefully I can do it.

Here are some pics from today's visit:

Liam says Hi!!

Look how alert he is!!

Hi Michaela!

Holding Mommy's finger :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

9 days old : )

(Update from Mommy)
Pretty good day for our little guys :)
Liam is still doing great on the cpap and they have discontinued checking his blood gases! He us up to 8ml of milk every 3 hours and really enjoys spending time on his tummy.
Ryan is off the bilirubin light and they have upped his feedings to 5ml every 3 hours. He is still on the JET vent but his blood gases are getting much better. They also pulled his umbilical lines today and he got to enjoy some tummy time today like his brother!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Birth Story!

 I went to sleep around 10:30pm Friday night (8-5-11) and woke around 1am realizing I was having contractions. At 1st I thought they might be just some regular ones I'd had earlier yesterday. Except this time they got painful and close together fast! I called the nurse and she tried getting me on the monitors but babies weren't having it. She also tried checking me but like last time they couldn't feel much.
They quickly called Dr Burton (partner of Dr Tabors that was on call) and moved me down to L&D. They got me on magnesium again in hopes we could halt labor buit when Dr B checked me again we discovered Twin A was coming through even mor and delivery was a must. I panicked about having to call Carrie & Craig, and Hubby too trying to get them up here fast! By this point contractions were quite painful and very close together. I have to say I'm proud of myself (since nurses said so too) I did great breathing though the pain :)
I got ahold of Hubby & Carrie (both of which I'm sure I freaked out just by my voice..). I think all I got out was c-section, hurts bad and get here NOW. Poor Carrie had to get a quick disharge from the hospital.
Once in the OR it all went pretty fast. Thankfully they got my spinal in while I was laying down. It did take a while for Dr B to get me open because of excess scarring. About the time Liam was born and Ryan was about to be Hubby got there. Since the boys couldn't cry it was hard to tell when they were actually both out until Hubby was brave enough to look over the sheet and see that they were being worked on.
Afterwards it took quite some time for the Drs to get me all fixed up and I was able to feel a lot of discomfort during it all. The anesthesiologist had to give me more pain meds. When I got wheeled out I was so happy to see that Craig & Carrie both had made it. Craig got to see the boys briefly as they were taken to NICU.
I got back to recovery and was having minimal pain but had spiked a fever and pulse was high so they gave me reglar Tylenol. We spent a couple hours or so in there then I was allowed to go in NICU and see the boys for a few minutes before being taken to my new room in postpartum. I really have to say the boys looked really good compared to what I set myself up to think it would be like. Liam had an adorable blue hat on and was moving his arms & hands around by his face. Ryan didn't have a hat on so we saw that he has dark dark hair! The nurse said his blood gases were better so he'd be taking off the ventilator he was on and upgrade a bit.
I don't have much more news on babies but am grateful to be feeling pretty well considering the morning we had! Please continue to send prayers as the boys really need them.

Liam was born at 3:23am weighing 1lb15oz & 13.39" long
Ryan was born at 3:25am weighing 1lb12oz (dont have length yet)
Can't believe they were so close to 2lbs!! : )

Will update soon!

I'm sorry I haven't updated anything in almost a week :\ Since being home, recovering and catching up on time with my own babies I just haven't been on the computer much. I will try update soon on everything from going home from the hospital to how the boys are doing. They are doing really well though!! Keep the prayers coming for these little guys and their Mommy & Daddy :)

Ok just noticed our birth story isn't on here...weird. Will have to add that too!

Monday, August 8, 2011

This morning my pain kicked in, not too bad but had to ask for pain meds through the day. I did walk the floor a couple of times and once down to NICU with Carrie & back.
  Seems the boys are still doing pretty well. Ryan had to be given a small blood transfusion. His BP was low. They moved Ryan into the same room as Liam. They will still have seperate nurses though. Liam is doing great and may come off the ventilator soon and onto CPAP. How amazing is that!!
 I am continuing to pump for them and hope the milk supply comes in very soon. Liam go to have a few drops of it today! It is more to get his organs moving, "primed" as his Daddy called it. Than for nutrition.
 Craig said that ALL of the neonate Dr's meet every morning to update each other on each and every baby. Sounds like they are a great team. 

Keep the prayers & positive vibes coming!

Friday, August 5, 2011

25 weeks

Day 1 of diabetic life.. I have been put on a 2600 calorie diet. It seems like I am constantly supposed to be eating but of course the food is only "okay". The hope is that it can be controlled by diet and not have to take insulin.
 There has been a slight change in amniotic leakage. The  nurses say for now it's ok but to let them know if it changes any further. I've also had 4-5 strong contractions but they have been very spread out throught the  entire day. I'm sure stress of all the recent news doesn't help.
 Here's the 25wk belly pic from today. It's definitely gone down a lot but at least we know the boys are growing great!

A break would be nice about now..

Today has been one thing after another :( I had to fast from midnight on and then start the 3hr  glucose test starting at 7am. I couldn't eat breakfast so the rest of the day was thrown off and that glucose drink made me pretty jittery, and pulse high. Morning monitoring took about an hour but they did ok. I had several contractions around dinner time that I attribute to being overly hungry and having a headache.  By 8 they pretty much went away. My 8:30 monitoring session took over an hour and a half. Babies like hide and seek and do not like being strapped down. Once we got some good enough strip on them they did fine though.
 And then I found out I failed the 3hr glucose test. Dr hasn't written orders yet so I don't know what my punishment will be.. Collin started feeling bad last night and went to Dr today to find out he has strep..when it rains it pours! The kids are at my moms for a few days in hopes they don't catch it too.
 Here's a to  a better boring Friday, which also marks 25wks!! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Rather eventful day..

So yesterday my day nurse added Be Boring! to my daily goals! Apparently that jinxed me because we have had quite the eventful day today!
 It started out with them not leaving me alone from 6am on. Weight ck 1st thing this morning showed I have lost 5lbs. Dr isn't concerned though since babies growth is great. Doesn't really surprise me after sac  rupture and stress of this week. Tried napping around 1pm (ya know that whole REST thing...) and was woken up 3 times in an hour! One was maintenace coming to check my bedside table, seriously?? Anyway they decided to do my glucose test at 3:30. I thought I did good laying off the sugar and such to find out I failed it by 16pts. Carrie said it could be the carbs I'd had all day. Wouldn't it have made sense for them to watch what I ate all day or do it in the morning?? So now I have to do the  fasting after midnight and the 3hr test :\
On to tonights monitoring session. Babies were found easily at the beginning then A started being stubborn and going off the sensor. I was strapped in same spot for 2hrs and showing uterine irritibility which A did not like. My pulse ran high for a bit but was fine quickly and temp is normal. Nurse called the on-call Dr to see what she said. Dr came up and did an u/s to make sure babies were ok. Not only were they doing well but BOTH were practicing breathing!! This is pretty early but exceptional news for Baby A to be doing :) They are laying head to head and A is still transverse with his arm nice and comfy in the cervix. B gave us a yawn,  apparently he thinks it's been an eventufl night too.
  Things have all settled down now, so here's to a night of only sleep! And a nice boring day tomorrow!!