Tuesday, April 19, 2011

9 1/2 weeks and growing strong!!!

WOW! What an incredible day... Got to see our little ones today, one of which was putting on quite a show! Baby B was quite the wiggle worm during the sonogram--We had NO idea that so much movement could be seen this early in the pregnancy. It was an amazing moment to see both babies little hearts beating and already starting to look more like little people and less like reptiles :) Stacey seems to be hanging in there... Seems like the zofran is giving her a little relief without the fatigue that came with the phenergan. We love her more and more each day!

We did manage to thoroughly confuse one of the nurses in the office today... She hadn't looked at Stacey's file before hand and kept asking her questions about CF screening, congratulating her and then she gave her a new mommy kit. I proceeded to jump in and began to tell the nurse that I had Cystic Fibrosis and that my husband had the extensive screening and was NOT a carrier... The nurse looked at me and I swear she was thinking, "Ok-- don't really need to hear about your history with CF since Stacey is the pregnant one..." Stacey promptly turned around, gave me the new mommy kit and told the nurse that I was the mommy.... Long pause... She didn't quite know what to say except "Well then why aren't you on the exam table?!" It was pretty funny! I look forward to messing with people throughout this journey ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

9w3d Sono pics

9wk update

 We had a little spotting one day last week so Dr had us come in  just to be sure everything was ok. And it is : ) 9wks3days today and babies are both measuring perfectly at 1". HR's were 167 & 171 and Baby B was bouncing all over the place! It's crazy to see them this active this early on!! They did a pap, cultures and took 1/2 my blood volume so we got quite the workup today. We go back at 12wks and will get a more detailed u/s at that appt.

Stats so far: No weight gain, BP 118/78. Rest of the test results will be back between tomorrow and next week.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Wow, it has been quite an emotional couple of weeks... On 3/29 we had our first ultrasound and as Stacey said, it was clear as soon as Dr. Kathy started the ultrasound that there were twins, it was when we discovered that one of the embryos had split into identical twins that we were sent into a state of shock... GOOD GOD, TRIPLETS!!!! Dr. Kathy immediately informed us that we needed to get in with a maternal fetal specialist (high risk ob). Fortunately, we were able to get in with Dr. Tabor within a week.

Let's just say that the week we had to wait to see the Doc was very long! On 4/5 we had our appt and learned that one of the identicals had stopped growing and no longer had a heartbeat. My immediate response to the loss of one of the triplets was a lot of tears and a sense of mourning but we soon decided that everything is in God's hands and that he had a reason for taking one of our little ones to be with him. We are just grateful that God intervened at such an early stage so that nothing has to be done, the twin will simply be reabsorbed. After gathering my composure, Craig asked me if I had my list of questions for Dr. Tabor, so I grabbed my list from my purse and began to look over it... I quickly realized that all of my concerns we related to having Stacey carry three babies and now that there were only two, most of my questions were irrelevant.

By losing one, we have gained comfort in knowing that the risks are drastically lowered for Stacey and our little ones. We still have the incredible blessing of having fraternal twins on the way and that they are both doing GREAT! Hearing those two little heartbeats chugging along was the most amazing thing Craig and I have ever experienced!!!!! We can't wait until our next sonogram at the beginning of May.

Prayers that our twinkies keep on progressing and that Stacey gets some relief from this HORRIBLE morning/all day sickness that she has been dealing with for the last few weeks. She is such a trooper! Here's to growing babies :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The long awaited update!

  We had our 1st u/s last week at 6w4d. We could see twins pretty much right off the bat. Measured A and got a good heartbeat, went to measure B and holy crap there's C... Needless to say there was some jaw dropping involved. B & C in one sac and A by him/herself. We got good measurements and heard and/or saw heartbeats on all 3. We decided to keep it quiet until we could see the maternal fetal specialist this week. Not knowing if they would even ok me to carry triplets with my size and history.
 Yesterday was our appt. My youngest has had a nasty stomach virus so we had to push the appt back a few hours while she was at urgent care. The u/s tech did measurements and heartbeats and it seems like she's gotten all 3 although the identicals appeared on top of each other or something. It wasn't transvaginal so everything was rather blurry.  Dr Tabor came in and within a couple of minutes informed us that one of the identicals in fact stopped growing during the last week. Now looking back I see that the tech knew and of course couldn't say anything to us.While it's very sad that we lost one we also realize that the risks have been greatly reduced for the babies and myself. We will continue to be seen by the high risk ob just to be safe and go back at about 12wks.

  It's been a lot to take in over the past week but I think now that we are past that big appt and know what's going on there's a big relief..we can do this! My last surro-twins were born at 34w5d and incredibly healthy so my goal is to make it even further this time around. IM wants some big ol' fat babies and I'm determined to get them just that : )