Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where oh where can AF be???

  Still NOTHING. Still feel it coming but nada. This officially sucks. Talked with our nurse coordinator and the Dr has had a family emergency and *may* be back next week. I'm supposed to call the nurse and let her know by Monday if I've started or not and am scheduled for a sono/E2 ck on Tuesday morning.
 In the meantime I'll just continue doing everything I can to bring it on faster ; ) Last resort: wear white and go shopping. I already told IM I

Monday, January 24, 2011

*still* waiting

  Still waiting on period to start, and not for lack of trying everything to bring it on...ughh! I'm so tired of waiting and wanting to get to the fun stuff. Even ready for the dreaded PIO injections and a bruised butt!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Can someone send Aunt Flo this way??

  Today's appt wasn't as bad as I thought. Cyst still present but same size and no new ones. Lining went down to 8ish but my E2 levels still high which was expected. Good news is I feel like I'll be starting a period soon which is what we really need to happen so lining will go down. If I start by Friday I can go back in for a re-check. Otherwise back next week as soon as I start.

 So in the meantime I'd gladly borrow Aunt Flo if someone can send her this way!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The waiting game

  Looks like we'll have learn to like the waiting game. Cyst still present but pretty small (just over 2cm). Therefore lining was 11+ and E2 levels through the roof...312!! IM & I learned something today though. Back in November when the 1st cyst showed up we thought they put me back on BCP's so the cyst would go away. It was actually because we didn't have the time to wait and still get transfer in because of the Holidays. So good news is that now we aren't in a time crunch and can just continue on Lupron and wait until the cyst goes away. Dr K said it's typically 3-5 weeks and it's been around 3 already.
 Back next Wednesday for the re-check.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In need of good news tomorrow!

 For some reason it won't show my responses to comments!?

Denise~ I can definitely tell when I "ovulate". I feel the same after the tubal as I did before. I tell Hubby I'm in heat..LOL My mom said high estrogen runs in the family too. I've been on Lupron forever now and it's time to start doing it's job!

 Anyhow, tomorrow is our re-check. Thankfully IM gets to go with me again. I SOO want us to hear good news tommorow! We are seeing our main Dr so if things aren't ideal still at least we can find out what other options we have.

 Wish us luck : )

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lupron is the enemy...

<screams> levels are up to 204 : ( Even higher then before... Staying on same dose Lupron back next week on the 12th for re-ck. In the meantime I'm going to figure out how to lower my outrageous Estrogen levels......

  Makes me wonder if having a tubal has any effect on this?? Since I don't ovulate is everything just piling up in there or what? Ugh.
That's a LOT of needles!

On pins & needles

 I was so happy IM got to go to my appt this morning with me! She finally got to see where her baby(ies) will SOO last week I had 2 cysts & a super thick lining (10-14mm) which results in high E2 levels. Today one cyst was still present BUT my lining was only 5.95!! So like before everything is waiting on my E2 results. It's pretty much up in the air but we're thinking +++ since my lining went way down. I will update again when the Dr's office calls : )