Wednesday, June 20, 2012 a puppy??

 I'm pretty sure I didn't have sugar last night before bed, but last nights dream was too crazy not to post! And I'm sure Carrie will get a kick out of it :) So apparently I was pregnant and doing a sibling project for Liam & Ryan. I went into labor and headed straight to the hospital. They had me on this tiny gurney in a hallway and I was trying to call Carrie and everyone else to get up there. This brings back memories! Carrie gets there and is sitting at my right side and I feel the baby start to move. But it's foot is literally poking through so hard you could see every little detail of it. I was so excited telling her to feel it but we were freaking out about it sticking out like that too. Then suddenly it pops all the way out and it's a.... PUPPY!? I guess having so many c-sections it wasn't weird having something just popping out of my stomach! The crazy part is we weren't freaked out or anything. They take this puppy to weigh it and it weighed 6lbs6oz. And I was so excited that it was a good weight and healthy. We were talking about how it weighed way more than the boys put together and it could grow up with them. Then it was running around L&D peeing on the floor and that was it...LOL

 I think I've officially gone off the deep end staying so involved with the surro-world and the boxer rescue we volunteer/foster with! Carrying puppy siblings for people now...Who'd of thunk it ;-)

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