Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've gone AWOL..and it's a good thing!

 Abbreviation catch up: AWOL = A woman on Lupron.

Today is day 5 of Lupron. Injections have been easy although I am a tad bit moody. I guess a good hint of that was when I got back in bed at 1 this morning and God forbid Hubby's hand was on my pillow and I thought about biting it off..LOL Thankfully he was passed out and doesn't know about any of it anyway! Tonight is also my last BCP!! The nurse sent my calendar that Carrie & I have been anxiously awaiting and apparently it was worth the wait.
 Looks like transfer will be a week EARLIER then we'd expected!! Not only that but retrieval & transfer should fall right around Carrie & my hubby's birthdays : )
  This move's my appt to start Estrace up to next week!!

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