Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2 bad news posts in a row :(

   We've been cancelled for now : ( I have a large cyst on my left ovary. On the plus side at least we know now that's the cause of my levels being high and lining being thick (today it measured between 10-13) but it has to go down or away before we can move forward. I am to stop Lupron and start back on BCP's tonight. Ideally the BCP's will keep me levels down and shrink the cyst. I go back on December 14th for another sono/E2 check to see if the cyst has at least gone down but hopefully gone away!
  There are a few +'s to waiting til January. IM can finish up school without stress and we can get through the holidays appt free and start the new year cycling again. I admit I'm really bummed about all this but it's just a little kink in our plans. Just have to keep ++++!

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  1. Darn Lupron... causing you to grow a cyst! Well, here's to hoping for a new start after your appt next month.