Tuesday, April 19, 2011

9 1/2 weeks and growing strong!!!

WOW! What an incredible day... Got to see our little ones today, one of which was putting on quite a show! Baby B was quite the wiggle worm during the sonogram--We had NO idea that so much movement could be seen this early in the pregnancy. It was an amazing moment to see both babies little hearts beating and already starting to look more like little people and less like reptiles :) Stacey seems to be hanging in there... Seems like the zofran is giving her a little relief without the fatigue that came with the phenergan. We love her more and more each day!

We did manage to thoroughly confuse one of the nurses in the office today... She hadn't looked at Stacey's file before hand and kept asking her questions about CF screening, congratulating her and then she gave her a new mommy kit. I proceeded to jump in and began to tell the nurse that I had Cystic Fibrosis and that my husband had the extensive screening and was NOT a carrier... The nurse looked at me and I swear she was thinking, "Ok-- don't really need to hear about your history with CF since Stacey is the pregnant one..." Stacey promptly turned around, gave me the new mommy kit and told the nurse that I was the mommy.... Long pause... She didn't quite know what to say except "Well then why aren't you on the exam table?!" It was pretty funny! I look forward to messing with people throughout this journey ;)

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