Sunday, April 10, 2011


Wow, it has been quite an emotional couple of weeks... On 3/29 we had our first ultrasound and as Stacey said, it was clear as soon as Dr. Kathy started the ultrasound that there were twins, it was when we discovered that one of the embryos had split into identical twins that we were sent into a state of shock... GOOD GOD, TRIPLETS!!!! Dr. Kathy immediately informed us that we needed to get in with a maternal fetal specialist (high risk ob). Fortunately, we were able to get in with Dr. Tabor within a week.

Let's just say that the week we had to wait to see the Doc was very long! On 4/5 we had our appt and learned that one of the identicals had stopped growing and no longer had a heartbeat. My immediate response to the loss of one of the triplets was a lot of tears and a sense of mourning but we soon decided that everything is in God's hands and that he had a reason for taking one of our little ones to be with him. We are just grateful that God intervened at such an early stage so that nothing has to be done, the twin will simply be reabsorbed. After gathering my composure, Craig asked me if I had my list of questions for Dr. Tabor, so I grabbed my list from my purse and began to look over it... I quickly realized that all of my concerns we related to having Stacey carry three babies and now that there were only two, most of my questions were irrelevant.

By losing one, we have gained comfort in knowing that the risks are drastically lowered for Stacey and our little ones. We still have the incredible blessing of having fraternal twins on the way and that they are both doing GREAT! Hearing those two little heartbeats chugging along was the most amazing thing Craig and I have ever experienced!!!!! We can't wait until our next sonogram at the beginning of May.

Prayers that our twinkies keep on progressing and that Stacey gets some relief from this HORRIBLE morning/all day sickness that she has been dealing with for the last few weeks. She is such a trooper! Here's to growing babies :)


  1. I'm very happy that the babies are doing well and I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. As for the all day sickness, unfortunately I have this too :-( The only thing that has seemed to help is the Rx Zofran that the Dr gave me. Maybe Stacey can get some of that? I'm still a little queasy with it, but nowhere near as bad as I was without it and I'm at least able to keep food down.
    Hope she gets some relief soon!

  2. Ok of course I'm crying! I'm so tremendously happy for you and craig. I will continue to pray for the 5 of you!