Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's a match!!

 It all started with an email from someone who knew my FIM. She asked me if I would consider doing another surrogacy and told me about her SIL who has CF. (This is probably where that list of acronyms comes in handy :)) I really don't remember much from that was a couple years ago but somehow we got back in touch last year. After talking for a while with Carrie, (my IM) and getting to know each other via email we waited to see what her Dr's decided on whether she could carry herself or not. The main concern was her lung function during pregnancy and how it would affect her post-partum as well. In the end it was decided surrogacy was their best option and here we are : ) Collin (my husband) & I met Carrie & Craig for dinner a few months back to chat and go over basics..make sure we agreed on things too. They are exactly what I was hoping's a match!!
  And to bring everyone up to date: We've done all our lab testing, made sure the four of us aren't crazy via psych testing. I really think whoever came up with the MMPI test must have been a little nutty themselves! I had a HSC done to make sure I could carry again safely, mainly because I have had four c-sections and we all want the best possible environment for these embryos to implant in. The RE said everything was perfect and we moved on to the legal fun.
  As of today contracts are done and we should have them all signed and ready to go within the next few days! Once the clinic receives a copy of the contract we can get to cycling! Here's hoping for a November/December transfer!!

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