Friday, October 29, 2010

Dear Lupron~ Please be nice to me!

 Today I had a mock transfer done. I had to down a gallon of water to make sure my bladder is beyond full while they guide a catheter through the cervix and measure depth to the back of the uterus. And thankfully I didn't pee on the Dr in the process! That went fine and baseline sono was great too. No cysts and lining was thin-2.97mm (which is what we want for now ).
 I start Lupron tonight (injections with a tiny insulin needle). Granted it can make you act like you have severe PMS! Thankfully I don't tend to have a bad reaction to it. So fingers crossed : ) Or in case I'm mean to you I blame the meds!! LOL! The nurse is sending in Rx's for all the other meds and my last BCP is Tuesday. Back again on the 17th for sono and E2 level check.

  Let's get needle happy!!

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