Thursday, October 21, 2010

My 1st journey

  I will try not to write an entire novel but I feel I should share my first journey since it is what led me to do this next one. I met S&K through an online surrogacy forum in the Fall of 2002. We were an instant match and by November we were cycling. Friday the 13th in December brought the best of luck for us. We transferred 2 perfect little blasts. Within days found out we were pregnant and after a small bleeding scare @ 7wks found out that not only was nothing wrong but there were 2 healthy little beans growing inside me. S&K were going to be parents and it was one of the happiest days of my life! We had a pretty easy pregnancy for twins (aside from an episode of kidney stones..OMG!!). Towards the end my IM would ask the Dr every visit when the boys would be coming. He would go and grab a Magic 8 Ball and tell her to ask it..LOL
  At 34wks5days labor hit and with one call to the Dr they said this was IT..the real IT this time would be delivery day! I was especially excited because the twins were supposed to be a VBAC. But after no further dilation and quite frequent contractions (& back labor) we all agreed to do another c-section. Just after 9am on 7/23/03 two healthy boys were born and two very special people became parents.

  I am extremely blessed for the time my family & I got to spend with S&K and the boys. We stayed in contact and were able to watch those precious babies grow into handsome young boys. Tragically in Spring 2007 my FIM's cancer came back and on May 12, 2007 she became an Angel. Although she took a piece of my heart with her that Mother's Day morning I found out she'd passed, I've made a promise to her that I would do whatever I could to give one more person the blessing I was able to give her.

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