Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Wonderland in Texas!

 So after emailing our nurse last Thurs about when to come in since I still hadn't started a period..what do you know I started like an hour later! We set the appt for Tues and all hell has broke loose with the weather in North Texas. Had to cancel Tuesday's appt and reschedule for Wednesday. No change in weather so they rescheduled to Friday now. As of now weather isnt really any better but I have every intention of making tomorrow's appt! I truly think end of cycle this week is our best chance at getting to move forward and we NEED to be there.
 Today is day 3 in a row of no school and we are ALL going stir crazy in this house. Thankfully the rolling blackouts seemed to have stopped today. So prayers & positive thoughts that we can get to this appt tomorrow would be greatly appreciated : )


  1. I feel your pain! Looks like we're going to be off school on Friday too. I'll be praying you get to make it tomorrow.

  2. I'm so over this cold weather! Here's to making it to Monday's appt :)