Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ultrasound on Thursday

Thursday is our 12 week OB appt :) We are so excited to get another sneak peek at our little bambinos. Stacey is continuing to be a trooper and stick it out even though she has been feeling terrible for the last 6-7 weeks :( Hopefully we will have some good pics to post on Thursday afternoon. It is going to be a pretty long appt but Craig and I are going to be there with Stacey the whole time. Hopefully the nuchal fold scan and measurements all look good and the babies are growing right on track since Stacey is no longer doing the PIO shots. Dr. Tabor cleared her to stop at 10 weeks so at least her bottom is getting a little rest from those big ol' shots!

Stacey and I will both update as soon as we learn something on Thursday. Here's to Stacey and our little ones getting a good report :)

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  1. Good luck today!! Can't wait for the update.