Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dreams of Sugarplums

 Merry Christmas everyone! I had yet another dream last night. This time I was in the "IVF lab" which resembled more of a high school science classroom. Not sure why on earth I was there for this part but they'd just retrieved one egg from IM and were getting ready to  fertilize it. I was asking them why only one and they said they were going to do one at a time rather then retrieve a bunch at once. They put it in what looked like a miniature incubator..the egg looked like a bar of soap in this thing!? Anyhow before my eyes it starts transforming and ends up looking like an actual embryo in a matter of a seconds. That was all I can remember of the dream but I will take it as a good sign we get to retrieval this time :)
 On the meds front I've been back on Lupron about 1.5wks. And because of stopping BCP's I'm also on period #2 in as many weeks so I've officially gone a bit coo-coo over the past few days. Wednesday I go back in for another E2 check & sono. If all is clear (no cysts!, thin lining & low E2 levels ) then I get to start Estrace!!

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