Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Getting frustrated but still holding out hope

  Today's appt wasn't what we'd hoped for. There are 2 small cysts on the same ovary as before. Lining was measuring 10+ & my E2 levels were elevated (177). Carrie and I are both getting frustrated. The Lupron clearly states it can cause cyst why aren't we doing something different?? Not only that but it seems like they keep wanting me to go in during or just after my periods..well that's when you're lining is usually thicker then normal!? I still find it ironic my 1st couple go arounds at this I had to stay on meds longs because my lining wouldn't thicken up enough and now we're having the opposite problem. Not only that but in the next med I start is taken to thicken the why it has to be thin now just to get thicker is beyond me...
 About the time I'm ready to scream and yell (not that it'd do any good...) the Dr's office calls and says we aren't cancelled we're just going to prolong the cycle. So I'm to stay on Lupron, same dosage & go back in next week for a sono & repeat E2 to see if anything has changed. Waiting on them to call me back to schedule it.
 So for now we wait. And pray.

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  1. Oh wow. I sure do hope this passes soon. You are very brave for doing what you are doing. Keep your head up and remember the end result--making a family!!