Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Today is a GOOD Day!

  First of all, IM gets to go home from the hospital today. YAY!
And...my appt today went great!! As if being nervous wasn't bad enough I had to wait forever to get the sono done. Keep in mind my ovaries like to hide so much that the Dr asks for my help in finding them..lol No cysts to be seen though! Everything looked great and lining was only a 4 so that's a big improvement too. I start Lupron again tomorrow! Bring the hormones on!!
 Estimated time line would be to go back on 12/29 and have a recheck sono & E2 level. If all is well I'd start Estradiol that day. Carrie would start hers about a week later. Retrieval around the 19th and transfer around the 24th : )

 Please continue the prayers and ++ thoughts for us! Here's to making and baking a baby or two in January!! This would put us at an EDD of late Sept/Early Oct.

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  1. Awesome, maybe the baby/babies will be born on the best day in the world, September 22nd! Then they would totally rock!!!