Thursday, May 5, 2011

12wk appt

  Today's u/s we did the nuchal fold scan and measurements of the babies. Nuchal scans were well within normal limits and babies are measuring 11w5d & 12w2d (approx 2" crown to rump). HR's were 163 & 165. Thankfully they didn't cooperate for a while so we got quite the lengthy u/s. Both babies were quite active, waving, saluting, sucking on a hand and one was even holding onto the umbilical cord with both hands!
  We were very much in awe of how much they have grown in the last 2 weeks and look so much more like BABIES now! Carrie & Craig got quite a few pics so I'll let her add those to the blog. Dr. T even let us have a sneak peak in 4D!! I will just say that one of them wasn't very shy with the leg spreading... We go back for our 16wk appt 5/31 and will have an even more in depth scan then to go over organs, features and find out for sure their genders!!!

Stats for today: B/P: 107/77 and to date have lost 3lbs ..3 more I can gain later on right :)

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