Thursday, May 26, 2011

15 weeks tomorrow :)

Well, tomorrow we will be 15 weeks :) Stacey seems to be doing a little better and not feeling quite so 'ick' all the time. She is continuing to be upbeat and determined to take care of our little ones until she can hand them over to us when they are done 'cooking'.

On Friday, Craig and I took off to South Padre Island for a little vacation with my family. Probably the last vacation that we will have as just the two of us :) Stacey and I chit chat or text back and forth everyday and that didn't change just because we were on vacation... Early this week, Stacey let me know that we had hit a milestone--Our little ones were officially on the move and she was able to feel them kicking and wiggling! We are so excited!! We can't wait until they are big enough and strong enough for us to feel in her belly!

We are really looking forward to next week... Tuesday is our big ultrasound and hopefully we will be able to find out the genders of the babies!! Hopefully they will be cooperative and let us get a good look :)

On another note, we received a package in the mail from our IVF clinic which included a dvd of all the pictures from our journey as well as two birth announcement cards that they want us to mail back to them when the babies get here. It is so amazing that we have photos of our munchkins from the earliest stages... The first cell division after fertilization! Here are some of the pictures... ENJOY!

Embryo 1 Day 1

Embryo 1 Day 3

Embryo 1 Day 5

Embryo 2 Day 1

Embryo 2 Day 3

Embryo 2 Day 5

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  1. 15 weeks! wow, time is going fast:) Glad to hear Stacey is feeling better!