Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frogs & Snails and Puppy Dog Tails..

  That's what little boys are made of! You got it! Once again I am carrying twin boys!!
I am still a bit in shock that one isn't a girl as sick as I have been but what matters is that both look perfectly heathly! IP's got a DVD of the entire sono too : )
  All measurements were right on track and several were measuring bigger. They appear to have big heads and one has a big ol belly..LOL One HR was 152 but hopefully Carrie can tell you the other. They both weigh perfectly at 5oz! All parts of the brain, organs, heart chambers etc looked perfect. Twin A was repeatedly kicking B in the head.. I think IP's are going to have their hands full with these 2 : )
  I will let Carrie share pics of the boys. We go back at 20wks the end of June. Wow the 1/2 way mark is coming up fast!!

BP: 102/65
Weight gain since last visit: 4lbs
Total weight gain: 4lbs

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  1. Yay for boys! There's a lot of them going around these days (including for my IPs). Congrats!