Sunday, June 26, 2011

20 week u/s tomorrow :)

Man, I've been such a slacker lately! I haven't posted anything to the blog... I believe it is due to the fact that I am in major nesting mode right now. We have started on the nursery and I seem to have lost myself in there lately :)

As Stacey said in her last post we all got together for lunch today! The only one missing was Stacey's oldest but hopefully she will get to come with us to our 24 week sono. My mom and brother are completely in love with Stacey and couldn't believe their eyes when they saw her beautiful pregnant belly with our little ones in there! We had a wonderful lunch spent chowing on some fabulous mexican food and visiting with each other. K, Stacey and Collin's youngest, and I have quite a little friendship going on! She spent most of the meal eating off my plate and the rest of the time sitting in my lap like a little love bug :)

Mom and Bry are looking forward to attending the sono with us tomorrow... They will finally be able to see our little boys in action! Bryan still can't believe he is going to be an uncle, it's hilarious to see a 21 year old boy become so excited and enthralled with his soon to be nephews :)

Here are a few pictures of the nursery so far and I will post some sono pics from tomorrow as soon as I can... May not be until this weekend though since I will be undergoing sinus surgery Wednesday morning :/

Keep in mind the nursery is a work in progress ;) Hubby did a great job on the shelf for the boys room and we have had such a great time working together on everything from painting the room to assembling the cribs and the dresser :)
Thanks again to everyone for all of the prayers so far and for following our journey! I love being able to share this with all of you :)

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  1. Very cute nursery so far!! I'm sure your boys will love it :-)