Friday, June 3, 2011

Maternal blood screening results & telling my son..

 The nurse called today to let us know the 2nd part of the maternal blood screening results were in and that everything came back with clear margins:

1:10,000 for Downs
1:200 or <.5% for Spina Bifida

 I also finally told my son today about the babies. He will be 6 in September so I waited until I felt it was safe to tell him. My oldest has known since we matched and the youngest, well she's too young to know any better. Although she has been rubbing my belly lately. Anyway we are a foster home for a local boxer rescue and we have always told our son that we take care of them until they are adopted and find their forever homes. That's about the closest I could think of he could relate to surrogacy. I explained Carrie having CF and that her lungs couldn't handle pregnancy so that we were carrying her babies for her until they were read to come out and go home with her. At 1st he was like WAIT..2 more babies in our family?? And I explained more how no they were Carrie's babies and will go home with her and their Daddy. I think there was a sigh of relief there from him..LOL And after I finished my spiel his response was "so that's kinda weird"..
 Not quite what I was expecting but he seems content with the explanation he got : ) My oldest was only 3-4 during the last journey but I guess with the whole girls maturing faster then boys thing she just caught onto the whole process very easily.

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