Monday, June 27, 2011

20wk appt

Unfortunately we had quite the LONG wait at the Dr's appt today but it was nothing but good news from there! And best of all IM's mom got to see her grandbabies for the 1st time!!

  Baby A: HR 144, measuring 19w5d, weighs 13oz -Was sucking on his hand during most of the u/s

  Baby B: HR 156, measuring 20w1d, weighs 14oz -Not too active today but continues to be a camera hog & kick his brother in the head. He was chillin' with one hand on top of his head

 We are 19w3d today so the boys continue to measure ahead : ) Both are still definitely boys! Anatomy (heart, liver, kidneys, etc) all look perfect. We go back at 24wks end of July. We'll have another growth scan, diabetes test (BLAH) & start having fetal fibronectin tests to watch for any signs of impending labor so we can limit my activities/bedrest or whatever's needed if it's postive.

B/P: 122/72
Weight gain since last month: 5lbs
Total weight gain so far: 9lbs


  1. Sounds like a great appointment! It's always fun to be able to see the baby(ies).

  2. Goodness! You are so on top of everything... I don't even have to write a blog for today's appt :)

    Love you!