Tuesday, July 12, 2011

21 weeks and a little excitement

Oh my goodness... This week has already been quite crazy especially for sweet Stacey! Yesterday morning I had my first post-op appointment which my SIL drove me to since I had to take pain pills beforehand which left me quite loopy. Appt went well but
the doc wants to see me back next week to do a little more 'cleaning out' in my sinuses, not fun or comfortable but worth it afterwards. Anyway, after the appt I rode with my SIL to meet her in-laws and pick up my nieces... great little ride to Terrell that let me and Ali chit chat and catch up :)

After picking up the girls and making it back to Frisco, we were pulling up to my house and my cell rang... it was Stacey, PANIC rushed over me but I answered the phone calmly and started the conversation with "Hey, are you okay?" Stacey and I chat everyday but her calling in the middle of the day just seemed off... apparently my motherly instincts have already started to kick in. Stacey immediately told me "Don't PANIC" and proceeded to tell me that she had taken a spill in the parking lot (while holding her two year old) and that she went ahead and called our OB who said we should come in and have everything checked out just to be safe. I immediately jumped in the car and headed to Fr. Worth to pick up Stacey and get to the doctor. Dr. Tabor did a sono and checked everything out... Fortunately, everything looked good! Stacey had managed to fall mostly on her knee and ankle... she must have performed some kind of super power trick to keep her little girl and our boys/the baby bump from hitting the ground! Her knee is pretty beat up and her ankle seems sprained but nothing too painful.

The boys were also EXTREMELY active, I suppose they were caught up in all the excitement ;) I am very proud to say that I was able to feel one of the boys move for the first time yesterday!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!! I believe it was a little butt bump that I felt :) I'm sure the look on my face when I felt one of our little guys move was quite entertaining! Stacey just watched me as I held on to her tummy and smiled!

Craig and I cannot express how blessed we are to have such an amazing woman carrying our boys and being so cautious with them. She really went above and beyond yesterday in a situation that many women would have shrugged off.

I'm sure Stacey will be posting a blog soon with some pictures of her sexy beat up knee and her version of our busy Monday as well. Thank goodness for her amazing hubby racing home from work and her parents living so close... They were able to help out with the kiddos w
hile we made our mad run for the doctor!

On another note, the nursery is really coming together and we are almost done with our registries :) Our 24 week appt is on 7/28... Can't wait to see our boys again, I just love seeing those wiggle worms during sonos... They are getting so big that you rarely get a full shot of either of them anymore.

I suppose I will stop blabbing for now... Here's a pic of Stacey's beautiful baby bump last week when we met for lunch :)


  1. I'm glad all was ok and Stacey did a great job in going to get checked out. What a cute bump!
    **And sooooo awesome that you got to feel one of the boys move!**

  2. Awww, happy tears over here!!! First of all, i'm glad everyone is ok. Second, I'm so happy that you were able to feel movement for the first time. Amazing. I bet it is something that you will never forget. <3