Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Huge turn of events

 Yesterday I was fine, took my girls to eat then to Sam Moon and we were home within an hour. Put baby to bed then went to the bathroom and wait>.....this is weird. Go upstairs..go again..OH CRAP it's not pee or normal d/c my water broke!?!? And we are only 23w3d!!!! Fast forward through IM getting pulled over on her way to the hospital and my mom locking her & my kids out of the house....

 We get to the hospital around 4pm to find out Twin A's sack has ruptured and there is no measurable fluid around him. I was on magnesium with my feet above my head for 18ish hours. Let's just say it was not fun but it worked! Contractions are under control. No more mag. Catheter out. Can eat all I want! And we were moved from, L&D up to high risk pregnancy floor where I will stay until they are born. This could be anythime from now until 34wks. So I'm  officially VIP at the Harris Ft Worth Hilton.

To those who've mentioned wanting to come up I'm currently in Room 376, I don't think that will change until delivery. Harris Ft Worth is right across from Cook Childrens near downtown. Please let us know ahead of time if you'd want come visit. I try not to have a room full at once : ) Msg me on FB or my cell is 817-913-0932. Just want you ALL to know how much all the prayers and support mean to us, Carrie & Craig too!


  1. Will keep you & babies in my heart and prayers. Much love honey.

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so very sorry to ready this. My prayers for you, those babies, and Carrie & Craig. Hang in there, guys!!!

  3. fingers crossed for those boys to stay put and stay healthy!

  4. Oh my! I'm so sorry to hear this is happening. I'm glad that they were able to stop the contractions and I'll keep you all in my prayers. *hugs*