Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend update

 Nothing eventful over the weekend. Which of course is a good thing :)
Babies both continue to be very active. This makes for some very eventful monitoring strategies throughout the day. Our 20min strip easily takes 45-60min majority of the time. We had the u/s yesterday morning. Twin A still no fluid and transverse. His arm is in the cervical canal which could mean problems for it after birth but there's really no way to tell to what degree. Dr said it would take some crazy moving for him to get it back out but anything is possible. Main point is to have a brain healthy living baby then worry about an appendage. He also seems very optimistic with us making it long term since we made it past the 1st 72hrs from rupture!

  Tomorrow marks one week in the hospital! Just taking it day by day for now : ) Here's a belly pic from yesterday..


  1. glad all seems to be going well stacey. prayers for your little boys to stay put for a while!

  2. I'm so glad to hear everything is still going well. Cute belly too! (love the hospital shower in the back) ;)