Monday, March 7, 2011

Are there AA type meeting for this stuff??

  I seriously need to stay away from Google and pee sticks...

 I caved and tested this morning (5dp5dt) even though I knew I shouldn't...BFN : \ So now I'm bummed and I've already been so hormonal the past few days. Pretty much anything I feel (or think I feel) could go either way and is most likely caused by the PIO and/or Estrace..
 Amazingly enough I didn't test one single time with the twins and POOF, my 2nd journey I did and our one transfer didn't work. Granted twins were top notch embies & 2nd weren't very good. So I've had mixed feeling about testing this time around. More tests are coming in the mail. I plan to wait until Wednesday to test again if I can at all help it.

                                                  Is it Friday yet?????

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  1. Here's hoping the days pass quickly for you and you get some POSITIVE news soon!! :)