Friday, March 11, 2011

Drumroll please..........

  Thank God the clinic didn't torture us by making us wait all day!!
The nurse said that 50 was pregnant, 100 definitely pregnant.........

my levels were 489 (9dp5dt)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm SOOOOOOO excited!! Craig & Carrie are going to be parents!!!!

2nd beta in 2 days & our 1st u/s will be in 2 weeks : )

Granted we've been testing at home all week but wanted to wait for actual #'s before telling the world.

 Test Monday (5dp5dt) was Neg..or looks it to me!? Thursday (8dp5dt) the cheapo test was faint so I went and bought FRER's..used one later that morning and it was pretty much an instant ++ & this morning's was too : )


  1. Awesome - wow those are high numbers....can't wait to hear if multiples!!!! Congrats to everyone.

  2. How exciting! Those are some high numbers, I'm thinking twins! Congrats to you and your IP's!