Monday, March 28, 2011

Tomorrow is the u/s appt!!!

  OMG I have been SOOOOO sick the past week. At this point I'm praying the Dr will give me Zofran or something. I've tried pretty much everything people have recommended and nothing works..maybe eases up for a few minutes tops : ( Seabands are the only thing I have yet to be able to find but I'm willing to try anything at this point.
 But to compare: my oldest daughter I puked and was so sick they were ready to hospitalize me if I didn't stop and start gaining weight. After about 12wks I was fine from there. My 2nd daughter I was as nauseous as this time for 18wks..omg I dread thinking about it lasting that long again... Twin boys & my son I was just sort of nauseous but nothing serious. I was able to go to school throughout both the boy pregnancies.
  That said I'm already willing to bet there's a girl in here! Or a litter..but we won't go that route..LOL Anyhow, the u/s is tomorrow afternoon. As soon as IM tells those who need to know 1st I will update everyone else : )


  1. good luck - sorry you are so sick. I've always been lucky and missed the sickness!!! Hang in there and can't wait to find out how many are in there!!

  2. EEEK!!! Craig and I are bringing you some goodies tomorrow :) Nothing big, just a few little things to TRY to help you out with the nausea. I'm so sad that our little monkey/monkeys are wreaking such havoc on your body already! We love you Stacey!