Monday, March 28, 2011

Just what Stacey said... Tomorrow is our U/S!!

We have been looking forward to our first sono since we got that beautiful positive pregnancy test! We cannot wait to see how many little ones we have growing (quite happily, I might add) in Miss Stacey's lovely and oh so inviting uterus :) We can't wait to share the news with everyone but we want to share it with our families first... I'm sure y'all understand.

Stacey-I just want to let you know that not only are you our angel for carrying such precious cargo for us but through this I have gained what I hope will be a lifelong friendship with an amazing woman!! When we started this journey, I was determined that I did not want to have too close of a relationship with whomever we chose to be our surrogate... Well, was I WRONG! I don't think that there is anyway to maintain distance between a surrogate and her IPs throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. You are helping us get the family that we have always dreamed of and that does not generate feelings that can just go away... Everyday I look forward to our conversations via text message and I hope you are enjoying them and finding the humor in them as well... We do talk about the strangest things ;)

I can't wait to see you tomorrow and see how are little embaby/ies are doing in there. I just hope that they know you will keep them healthy and happy until they are born and able to rest comfortably in our arms! We are already Mommy and Daddy and cannot wait to hold our baby/babies in our arms. Well enough of being sappy!

Love you Stacey!


  1. What sending you pics of my butt is strange?? LOL!

  2. At least we both think your butt is of great importance ;)

  3. how exciting! looking forward to the next update! Have fun tomorrow:)

  4. Yay for ultrasound day!! Can't wait for the update! :)

  5. I love this!!! So glad ya'll are close and can't wait to hear the results!