Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Transfer Update!

  We all got to the clinic early, I was feeling rather loopy pretty quickly from the Valium but managed not to fall on my face, lol. The embryologist talked to us 1st. The 2 they put in were the "best of the best" & "pretty good" with grades of 4AA & 2BB. Don't ask me what all that means though.. Unfortunately the rest of them are no longer doing quite so well but they are going to let IP's know tomorrow or Friday if any of them are freezable. Thankfully I hadn't guzzled my water yet because we had to wait until 9 for a notary to come in & finish one last form. Apparently that consent to transfer into me is rather important : )
  Got the forms done and chugged some water (for those who don't know you have to have a pretty full bladder for the transfer, makes it easier for them to see the uterus). Well go figure I drank too much and had to empty some...have you ever had to pee SOOO bad but only get to go a little tiny bit and stop?? Not the easiest thing to do...
  Back for round 2, everything looked good. Embryologist came in and confirmed we are who we're supposed to be. IM filmed the transfer (takes literally seconds to do!). We put the 2 best embryos in and then I had to stay somewhat head down feet up for 20minutes and that was it!
  Here's a pic of IM & I before transfer, I think I was rather loopy already...
     And yes, I totally rocked my yellow pants (and toe nails) for good luck!!

                        Best of all here are the 2 little embies we transferred : )

           The pregnancy test will be Friday March 11th, so now we wait!!
         We will probably test at home a time or 2 next week just to see : )


  1. awesome!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear. I'll say a little prayer and send sticky vibes your way!!!

  2. Sticky dust being sent your way!! Can't wait to here that positive!!

  3. Great transfer post and pictures!! Sticky thoughts headed out your way! :)

  4. Alright little ones... We hope that you have snuggled in tight! We know that Miss Stacey will take GREAT care of you until daddy and I get to hold you in our arms :)