Monday, August 8, 2011

This morning my pain kicked in, not too bad but had to ask for pain meds through the day. I did walk the floor a couple of times and once down to NICU with Carrie & back.
  Seems the boys are still doing pretty well. Ryan had to be given a small blood transfusion. His BP was low. They moved Ryan into the same room as Liam. They will still have seperate nurses though. Liam is doing great and may come off the ventilator soon and onto CPAP. How amazing is that!!
 I am continuing to pump for them and hope the milk supply comes in very soon. Liam go to have a few drops of it today! It is more to get his organs moving, "primed" as his Daddy called it. Than for nutrition.
 Craig said that ALL of the neonate Dr's meet every morning to update each other on each and every baby. Sounds like they are a great team. 

Keep the prayers & positive vibes coming!

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  1. Sending tons of prayers your way, for all! *hugs*