Friday, August 5, 2011

A break would be nice about now..

Today has been one thing after another :( I had to fast from midnight on and then start the 3hr  glucose test starting at 7am. I couldn't eat breakfast so the rest of the day was thrown off and that glucose drink made me pretty jittery, and pulse high. Morning monitoring took about an hour but they did ok. I had several contractions around dinner time that I attribute to being overly hungry and having a headache.  By 8 they pretty much went away. My 8:30 monitoring session took over an hour and a half. Babies like hide and seek and do not like being strapped down. Once we got some good enough strip on them they did fine though.
 And then I found out I failed the 3hr glucose test. Dr hasn't written orders yet so I don't know what my punishment will be.. Collin started feeling bad last night and went to Dr today to find out he has strep..when it rains it pours! The kids are at my moms for a few days in hopes they don't catch it too.
 Here's a to  a better boring Friday, which also marks 25wks!! 

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  1. Boo! What a crummy day! :( I hope today is much better for you.