Thursday, August 18, 2011

12 days old/2wk post op appt

 Today was my 2wk post op appt. Was there almost 2hrs to see the Dr literally 30 seconds. He just checked the incision and said to come back in 4wks. Will do a repeat glucose 2wks after that just to make sure the GD is gone. I am also back to pre-preggo weight, yay! Now I can start focusing on the baby-baking retirement makeover : )

 I took my oldest daughter with me so that she could see the boys for the 1st time. Since Ryan is in isolation even I can't see him :\ So we visited with Liam & Carrie for a while. The boys both had repeat head sonos and again both were CLEAR, no brain bleeds! Liam has NO IV's or anything! Just the CPAP & feeding tube. Is that not amazing!! Both are above 2lbs and Carrie said that Ryan has already moved up in diaper size! Liam is up to 16mL breastmilk every 3hrs. I'm not sure what Ryan is up to but I swear it's going up by the day! Will definitely take some work for me to build up supply for them but hopefully I can do it.

Here are some pics from today's visit:

Liam says Hi!!

Look how alert he is!!

Hi Michaela!

Holding Mommy's finger :)