Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Birth Story!

 I went to sleep around 10:30pm Friday night (8-5-11) and woke around 1am realizing I was having contractions. At 1st I thought they might be just some regular ones I'd had earlier yesterday. Except this time they got painful and close together fast! I called the nurse and she tried getting me on the monitors but babies weren't having it. She also tried checking me but like last time they couldn't feel much.
They quickly called Dr Burton (partner of Dr Tabors that was on call) and moved me down to L&D. They got me on magnesium again in hopes we could halt labor buit when Dr B checked me again we discovered Twin A was coming through even mor and delivery was a must. I panicked about having to call Carrie & Craig, and Hubby too trying to get them up here fast! By this point contractions were quite painful and very close together. I have to say I'm proud of myself (since nurses said so too) I did great breathing though the pain :)
I got ahold of Hubby & Carrie (both of which I'm sure I freaked out just by my voice..). I think all I got out was c-section, hurts bad and get here NOW. Poor Carrie had to get a quick disharge from the hospital.
Once in the OR it all went pretty fast. Thankfully they got my spinal in while I was laying down. It did take a while for Dr B to get me open because of excess scarring. About the time Liam was born and Ryan was about to be Hubby got there. Since the boys couldn't cry it was hard to tell when they were actually both out until Hubby was brave enough to look over the sheet and see that they were being worked on.
Afterwards it took quite some time for the Drs to get me all fixed up and I was able to feel a lot of discomfort during it all. The anesthesiologist had to give me more pain meds. When I got wheeled out I was so happy to see that Craig & Carrie both had made it. Craig got to see the boys briefly as they were taken to NICU.
I got back to recovery and was having minimal pain but had spiked a fever and pulse was high so they gave me reglar Tylenol. We spent a couple hours or so in there then I was allowed to go in NICU and see the boys for a few minutes before being taken to my new room in postpartum. I really have to say the boys looked really good compared to what I set myself up to think it would be like. Liam had an adorable blue hat on and was moving his arms & hands around by his face. Ryan didn't have a hat on so we saw that he has dark dark hair! The nurse said his blood gases were better so he'd be taking off the ventilator he was on and upgrade a bit.
I don't have much more news on babies but am grateful to be feeling pretty well considering the morning we had! Please continue to send prayers as the boys really need them.

Liam was born at 3:23am weighing 1lb15oz & 13.39" long
Ryan was born at 3:25am weighing 1lb12oz (dont have length yet)
Can't believe they were so close to 2lbs!! : )

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  1. I hope the babies are doing well. Congrats to all!